is this thing on? *tap tap*

Wow, i’m already behind/failing at this whole blogging thing.  i think i set this up like a week ago already, and have still not added any bio info or even blog info.  but no one knows i’m here either, so i guess only i can judge me for that.  *points and laughs.  at self*

so.  the idea here, as you may or may not know, is for me to blog about books i’m reading.  i’m finding it harder and harder to have conversations about things i read, for a whole lot of reasons.  so i decided i would start this blog, with the aim of posting something related to my reading every day that i read.  impression, criticism, inspiration, revulsion, stimulation, boredom, confusion…whatever reaction i have will go here.

and then i thought, wow, that could be really boring.  i don’t know if i would even read that.  so i decided i needed a goal, or a point to the whole exercise.  which brings us to the name of my blog.  “A lady of Infinite Jest”.  the capitalization is actually important, I promise.  it is, first of all, a play on a line from Hamlet’s “alas, poor yorick” speech (ooh, a classic!).  More interestingly, though, Infinite Jest is the title of a book by the late David Foster Wallace.  a book i’ve been trying to read since it was published.  in 1996.  a book i’ve started reading at least 5 times and been unable to finish.  this hurts me.  this annoys the crap out of me.

so i decided that reading IJ every day and writing about it would not only help me process/internalize/comprehend the complexities and layers of DFW’s book (ferchrissakes it has like 200 pages of FOOTNOTES!  it’s fiction!), but also might compel me to not walk away from it.  some readerly accountability, if you will.

along the way, i will most definitely post completely non-book-related bloggets, because hello, books are for losers and dorks.  :)  so no worries there.

now all i need to do is find my copy of IJ and we’re off to the races!



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