miscellaneous (Or, a lady of infinite rest*)

well well well. i figured this would happen, and i think i tried to warn you. i am not much on follow-through, so this place fell into disuse pretty quickly.

i did have to fight the urge to post non-reading related items here several times, so as not to sully this blog’s divine purpose. which, as you may have guessed, i have also been lax on completing. i did manage to unearth my copy of Infinite Jest, and i even know of at least 2 other people who are also trying to read it. must be some rite of passage or something. (they have also both tried to finish it several times before. hmmmm…)

in the meantime, i have NOT yet finished Lullabies for Little Criminals, but i did read Round Ireland with a fridge (sublimely funny, completely irish, inspiring in a drunken sort of way) and the lovely bones (yes, i came terribly late to that party. i didn’t love it. there were some really touching passages, but i found it confusing. i will probably end up watching the movie, but have relatively low expectations). i saw the (swedish obvsly) film adaptation of Girl with the dragon tattoo (blomkvist was miscast, IMO. i don’t understand why anita is dead in it. i can appreciate having to cut some plot points to fit in a feature, but that one makes no sense. all in all i thought it was a great adaptation of a dense & tense novel. despite slight missteps, i feel it captured the heart of the story and especially lisbeth quite well. i believe i will save any in-depth discussion of the trilogy for some later date, however).

so, since 2 different people mentioned the lack of activity herein (*thanks to Mike Trull for the clever turn of phrase!) i thought i’d drop by and get something in….

i’m going to try really really hard to keep at it here. i’ve had plenty of time to read, i just haven’t. bad mia. :P i’ve just been skating through lately, loading up my brain with TV and internets and adam lambert. ;)

don’t trip off the glitz, y’all. (that is totally my new catchphrase.)

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2 Responses to miscellaneous (Or, a lady of infinite rest*)

  1. Miss Tricky says:

    Best. Catchphrase. EVER!!!

  2. Steph says:

    Alright, alright, already! I’ll pick up Infinite Jest again! Only the 2nd attempt, though. I was thwarted by nursing school. :)

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