ah-ha, see, now that’s true!

i didn’t do any reading today. just making sure people stay updated. :)

i did however confirm that while i may have ended up being a good mother, i really don’t think it’s for me. i also saw 2 movies last night, neither of which were based on books (that i am aware of): the Other Guys and The Expendables. re: the other guys, i have never liked eve mendes much, but she was pretty dang funny in this. for some reason, i enjoy films that are this absurd as well. the expendables, well it stars jason statham, ok? *shrug* for reals though, it was an entertaining genre film. of course the plot is rehashed and the characters are pretty one-dimensional. but seriously, if you expect anything else from a movie that counts stallone, schwarzenegger, jet li, steve austin, mickey rourke and ERIC ROBERTS among it’s stars, you might want to re-evaluate.

in other “watching” news, i am knee deep in the first season of “lie to me” and kicking myself for not watching it the whole time. it was one of those shows i always saw ads for and caught a few minutes of here and there and liked, but i’ve watched almost the whole first season this weekend, and i am SO loving it. i may or may not be staring at people looking for “micro-expressions” however, and telling people i can tell that they’re lying. ;) tim roth is delightful!

also, what happened to my picture at the top? now it’s winter? not that i mind, i’d rather be somewhere that looked like that than around here where it’s way too hot & humid. booooo. :P

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