ah-ha, see, now that’s true!

i didn’t do any reading today. just making sure people stay updated. :)

i did however confirm that while i may have ended up being a good mother, i really don’t think it’s for me. i also saw 2 movies last night, neither of which were based on books (that i am aware of): the Other Guys and The Expendables. re: the other guys, i have never liked eve mendes much, but she was pretty dang funny in this. for some reason, i enjoy films that are this absurd as well. the expendables, well it stars jason statham, ok? *shrug* for reals though, it was an entertaining genre film. of course the plot is rehashed and the characters are pretty one-dimensional. but seriously, if you expect anything else from a movie that counts stallone, schwarzenegger, jet li, steve austin, mickey rourke and ERIC ROBERTS among it’s stars, you might want to re-evaluate.

in other “watching” news, i am knee deep in the first season of “lie to me” and kicking myself for not watching it the whole time. it was one of those shows i always saw ads for and caught a few minutes of here and there and liked, but i’ve watched almost the whole first season this weekend, and i am SO loving it. i may or may not be staring at people looking for “micro-expressions” however, and telling people i can tell that they’re lying. ;) tim roth is delightful!

also, what happened to my picture at the top? now it’s winter? not that i mind, i’d rather be somewhere that looked like that than around here where it’s way too hot & humid. booooo. :P

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miscellaneous (Or, a lady of infinite rest*)

well well well. i figured this would happen, and i think i tried to warn you. i am not much on follow-through, so this place fell into disuse pretty quickly.

i did have to fight the urge to post non-reading related items here several times, so as not to sully this blog’s divine purpose. which, as you may have guessed, i have also been lax on completing. i did manage to unearth my copy of Infinite Jest, and i even know of at least 2 other people who are also trying to read it. must be some rite of passage or something. (they have also both tried to finish it several times before. hmmmm…)

in the meantime, i have NOT yet finished Lullabies for Little Criminals, but i did read Round Ireland with a fridge (sublimely funny, completely irish, inspiring in a drunken sort of way) and the lovely bones (yes, i came terribly late to that party. i didn’t love it. there were some really touching passages, but i found it confusing. i will probably end up watching the movie, but have relatively low expectations). i saw the (swedish obvsly) film adaptation of Girl with the dragon tattoo (blomkvist was miscast, IMO. i don’t understand why anita is dead in it. i can appreciate having to cut some plot points to fit in a feature, but that one makes no sense. all in all i thought it was a great adaptation of a dense & tense novel. despite slight missteps, i feel it captured the heart of the story and especially lisbeth quite well. i believe i will save any in-depth discussion of the trilogy for some later date, however).

so, since 2 different people mentioned the lack of activity herein (*thanks to Mike Trull for the clever turn of phrase!) i thought i’d drop by and get something in….

i’m going to try really really hard to keep at it here. i’ve had plenty of time to read, i just haven’t. bad mia. :P i’ve just been skating through lately, loading up my brain with TV and internets and adam lambert. ;)

don’t trip off the glitz, y’all. (that is totally my new catchphrase.)

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lullabies for little criminals by heather o’neill (up to pg 130)

so, i say “up to pg 130” because i have no idea what page i started reading on today.

this is one of the books i found while randomly cruising the fiction section at B&N. meaning i didn’t know the author or anything about the book, i just saw it and liked it. the fact that there’s a big sticker on it that says it won some award in canada and has the CBC logo on it was a definite plus.

the story, which i’m going to say is a coming-of-age or growing up tale, takes place in and near Montreal. i know nothing of Montreal, except that i hate french canadiens for some totally unknown irrational reason. celine dion? patrick roy? *shrug* could be anything. however, the quebecois featured in o’neill’s book seem to be way more interesting than i ever expected. plus, no one has started speaking french in it yet, so, bonus! :)

Baby (yeah, i know) lives with her dad Jules, more or less on the street. he’s a heroin addict, or at least was (i just read the part where he recently completed a stint in rehab and seems to just be batshit crazy. or maybe on horse again, i don’t know yet. stay tuned!) and has tuberculosis. her mom died shortly after Baby was born, but like most things Jules has told her, i’m not even convinced that that is true.

they live this existence that is so interesting and enticing to me, even for all its pathetic random sadness. they don’t own much, move around a lot from junkie hotel apartment to junkie hotel apartment, and have no concept of reality as i know it. their clothes are mismatched and have no relevance to current weather/seasons, the only things Baby holds onto are her dolls (which are of course sad little things themselves), and never have any money at all.

maybe because my childhood was spent in a soul-deadening urban suburbia, this street life is still so magnetic for me. the way o’neill describes their daily existence is delightful, even the cockroaches:

Even the little cockroaches in the wall were clockwork. They were made with the most beautiful tiny bolts from a factory in Malaysia, with little buttons underneath to switch them on and off.

it’s such a perfectly childlike description, and this book is full of them. Baby, as narrator, feels so real and makes her outlandish and fully-fabricated life totally believable.

A lot has already happened, so this post is kind of hard for me to write. Jules is put in hospital for several months on account of the TB, so Baby goes to live at a foster home for a while. When he is released, he of course goes back on smack and is eventually arrested for public indecency (or as Baby puts it,

The cops stopped him for looking ludicrous. Making people uncomfortable is a crime, I guess.

and how!) but had heroin in his pocket and since according to Baby, no one in Montreal goes to jail, he is sentenced to rehab. at which point Baby goes to live with a neighbor, Mary. She visits her dad in rehab, where she realizes the close conspiratorial relationship she remembered and treasured is disintegrating. a fellow patient at the rehab center sits down with them and hijacks Baby’s visit, and Baby can barely deal with it. her disappointment and horror and disbelief are almost tactile. it’s such a 12-year-old way to feel. someone else is creeping into her territory, and it’s the only thing she’s ever been able to count on. i kind of think her heart broke right then. Still on the child side of adolescence though, her solution is to become a drug addict herself to get that close relationship with her dad back. now my heart broke a little.

After coming home from rehab, Baby & Jules’ relationship is totally changed. their broken down life is no fun anymore, and Baby finds herself alone when she thought she had someone. She starts going to a community center, where she eventually befriends Theo. she is starting to get closer to Theo, but it really seems like just a replacement of the very singular relationship with Jules. Theo is a “bad kid” and their closeness leads Baby to be on the outside again, but that seems to be her comfort zone anyway. Baby just admitted he is the only person she’s ever trusted. it’s sweet, misguided, truthful, and false all at the same time.

i am intrigued.

publisher’s info


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addendums and stuff

i will try to title all posts with the title of the book i’m discussing and the pages i read.  consider that your spoiler alert.  i will also do my best to include links to relevant info (where to buy, etc) but i probably ought to learn how to do that before i go promising you all the moon.

i will happily accept suggestions for non-IJ books to read & comment on.  i will also happily block you if you even THINK of suggesting anything from the twilight series (and now i have to bleach my brain just for thinking about it).

i was hoping to open with a post about the last of Stieg Larsson’s Milennium Trilogy (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest), but in the ensuing 4 days since i thought this whole thing up, i finished it.  I may still post about it though; i have to read the 1st book (again!) for my book club next month, so maybe i’ll branch off that and cover the rest of the trilogy.  let me just leave you with one word on that subject: LOVE.  motherfucking love those books.  :)

i kind of like that default picture up at the top, but it’s not mine.  i will do my best to find something that suits me & my blog & the theming, but until then it’s the tree-lined walk for you.

so, that’s all for now.  I have started a new book, but I guess you’ll just have to wait til next time.

see you in the stacks!  (except i don’t use libraries.  but i have a card!  i support libraries as a concept!)

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is this thing on? *tap tap*

Wow, i’m already behind/failing at this whole blogging thing.  i think i set this up like a week ago already, and have still not added any bio info or even blog info.  but no one knows i’m here either, so i guess only i can judge me for that.  *points and laughs.  at self*

so.  the idea here, as you may or may not know, is for me to blog about books i’m reading.  i’m finding it harder and harder to have conversations about things i read, for a whole lot of reasons.  so i decided i would start this blog, with the aim of posting something related to my reading every day that i read.  impression, criticism, inspiration, revulsion, stimulation, boredom, confusion…whatever reaction i have will go here.

and then i thought, wow, that could be really boring.  i don’t know if i would even read that.  so i decided i needed a goal, or a point to the whole exercise.  which brings us to the name of my blog.  “A lady of Infinite Jest”.  the capitalization is actually important, I promise.  it is, first of all, a play on a line from Hamlet’s “alas, poor yorick” speech (ooh, a classic!).  More interestingly, though, Infinite Jest is the title of a book by the late David Foster Wallace.  a book i’ve been trying to read since it was published.  in 1996.  a book i’ve started reading at least 5 times and been unable to finish.  this hurts me.  this annoys the crap out of me.

so i decided that reading IJ every day and writing about it would not only help me process/internalize/comprehend the complexities and layers of DFW’s book (ferchrissakes it has like 200 pages of FOOTNOTES!  it’s fiction!), but also might compel me to not walk away from it.  some readerly accountability, if you will.

along the way, i will most definitely post completely non-book-related bloggets, because hello, books are for losers and dorks.  :)  so no worries there.

now all i need to do is find my copy of IJ and we’re off to the races!



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